The tortilla that I made with the tarte tatin.  I thought I’d try adding a few summery extras to it, like sliced courgettes and cherry tomatoes.

8-10 medium sized potatoes

2 large onions

8 eggs

olive oil and butter for frying

salt and pepper to season

one courgette

large handful of cherry tomatoes

This is my method by the way, similar to the Spanish way, but with my own modifications.  I start by par-boiling the potatoes, unpeeled, then slicing them into thin half moons. I like to make the shape fairly uniform so that they layer nicely in the tortilla.  I roughly chop the onions and fry the lot in a cast iron or heavy pan on a medium heat in a huge amount of butter and olive oil, combined so that the butter doesn’t burn.

Once the potatoes are almost cooked through but still firm and holding their shape, I beat the eggs in a large mixing bowl and pour the potato and onion mixture into this. Then I prepare the pan again, making sure there is enough fat added for the next stage, and bring the heat up.  Once hot, tip the entire mixture into the pan and allow it to set like an omlette. It should almost fill the pan. Normally this is all I do, but adding courgettes and tomatoes was tricky. I thinly sliced the courgettes on a diagonal and halved the tomatoes, lining the pan before pouring the mixture on top. This was a first for me and I wasn’t sure how it would turn out.  The rest of the method is the same – once the bottom and sides have cooked and it is only the top and middle that are still runny, I take a large baking sheet covered with baking paper, place it on top of the pan, and with one hand holding the pan and the other firmly pressing down on the baking sheet, I flip the entire half-cooked tortilla onto the baking sheet.  It is tricky as the pan and its contents are heavy and spillage threatens in a big way. Once flipped, quickly add more fat to the pan, then slide the entire tortilla back into the pan to cook the underside.  Tuck the sides down and smooth the courgettes and tomatoes back that have come loose.

To serve – the tortilla is ready when it is almost cooked right through, remember eggs continue to cook while still hot. There is no need to flip the tortilla again, just take a serving dish, and with a large spatula, lift and slide the precious goods onto the plate, tucking in any broken bits and smoothing out the surface.  Wait for it to cool and settle before slicing it into wedges to serve.

Tortilla tastes best at room temperature or cold the next day.  It keeps for several days and still tastes amazing.







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