Moules Marinières par accident

…the cheats or Buddhists’ version.

As a small child in NZ I used to open the fridge and invariably find a container of mussels in brine, stuffing a couple in my mouth for an instant protein and mineral boost.  I had forgotten about them recently, until one night when hubby brought home frozen precooked NZ green lipped mussels, because he couldn’t find any organic meat for me at Asda.  I wasn’t impressed – at 9pm after a long day working I was starving, and couldn’t care less whether it was organic or not!  Seeing frozen mussels and imagining having to scour recipes for an hour while waiting for them to thaw – an instant meal this was not…or so I thought.

But they’re precooked, he said – once they thaw, you can eat them tomorrow.  Tell that to your future hungry children, I replied.  I was so annoyed, I didn’t care about researching the perfect way to cook them, I sliced up a massive red onion, threw it in a saucepan with the biggest chunk of butter ever, chopped garlic, and hoped for the best.

As I rinsed the mussels I noticed that unlike my mood, the mussels were thawing, and that they wouldn’t take too much cooking.  I piled them into the saucepan with the softening onions and garlic, and drowned them in marsala wine, which I normally use for pasta. Another huge blob of butter, lid on and waited.  After a few minutes I gave them a shake, took a peek, et voilà, they had thawed perfectly.


I tumbled them into a bowl and started slurping away.  The shells were perfect for spooning the garlicky buttery winey shellfishy liquid.  It was undeuxtrois yumsville St Tropez!

Oh, and I was a bit nicer to my husband after that…


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