Happy Easter


Is this some kind of hint?  I guess my husband wants me to stay slim…how thoughtful of him!  These duck eggs were my Easter pressie and make yummy Easter eggs if you have them with soldiers (artwork not included)… I regularly buy the Burford Browns and Old Cotswold Legbars – they have a pretty blue shell and the darkest most delicious yolks I’ve ever had.  Wonder if I can smuggle some birds to NZ…I will miss these for sure!

These are in my opinion the yummiest eggs in the UK, and I am always on the lookout for the richest, darkest, most delicious free range eggs. Whenever possible I try eggs from different farms, and when I find several good supplies I alternate each week as somehow it makes me feel I’m getting different nutrients each time. I find free range eggs from independent stores or farms taste better than organic or free range bigger brands in supermarkets. The same goes for chicken from smaller suppliers, the best I have found so far is from Ginger Pig in Hackney or Marylebone. I am always an advocate of organic food but I want to say that naturally reared with high welfare standards is more important, and tastes better than mass produced organic meat. I look for lots of fat, which is often a good sign!


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