Pineapple Turmeric Smoothie



I’ll be going with a tropical theme this time, due to my surroundings and the incredible fruits I’m able to buy from the Saturday market. Everything here tastes a hundred times more intense – organic kumquats, pomelos, passionfruit, ladies finger bananas, avocados, lemons and mandarins, and a new discovery – black sapote – a type of black persimmon.  I’m not a fan of persimmon as we used to have it a lot and I don’t love it, but this is something else – it’s very dense and is like eating a soft black velvety pudding. It hardly has any flavour but I could eat it all day, everyday with greek yoghurt and honey. If you ever come across this bizarre and delicious fruit, you must try it! I’ll be taking my kombucha scoby out of hibernation, and experimenting with tropical flavours, and finding numerous uses for fresh organic turmeric, which is everywhere in Queensland. I’ve been off work due to 30 knot winds and storms, which has given me a chance to recover and watch crazy birds from the balcony through heavy mists. Part of me is also glad that the reefs and beaches have some respite from the many tourists coming through each day. I know that most of the people profiting from the reef, are not the ones who are protecting it. I find it hard to justify being part of an operation that burns through diesel, empties chemicals into the sea, and generates so much plastic waste, for the small reward of introducing people to the underwater world. A young Canadian girl asked me if people were coming out and pouring bleach on the coral, as an act of vandalism. I was able to explain that it was a naturally occurring phenomenon that we all play a part in, but somehow I feel that my efforts would have more impact through directly researching and campaigning, rather than through marine tourism. Or maybe I’m being a bit sensitive, as even scientific diving relies on diesel and disposable plastic. I guess the reality of living and working in paradise is hitting home….maybe I should stick to theatre.

Fresh turmeric root or ground turmeric

Pineapple chunks, fresh or frozen


Cucumber – optional

Almond or coconut milk, or coconut water


Coconut or plain yoghurt – optional

…and now for the very precise method….

Throw all ingredients into the blender, there are no precise amounts, just adjust everything according to desired taste and thickness, even using water if you don’t have any almond or coconut milk. Depending on your blender, you can grate the turmeric or use it whole. I use about a one inch piece per person. Fresh pineapple is excellent for digestion as it contains an enzyme called bromelaine, while turmeric is anti-inflammatory due to a compound called curcumin. If you wanted to aid the absorption of curcumin, you can add a small spoon of coconut oil and a tiny amount of ground black pepper. Mum has used turmeric in our cooking as long as I can remember, usually in savoury dishes, like rubbing it onto fish or chicken as a marinade, or as part of a curry paste. Using turmeric in smoothies is my way of having it everyday. Coming up soon, my recipe for delicious hot turmeric drinks….




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