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Best summer kombuchas

One of the benefits of living in a small Australian town is $5 trays of organic peaches…for a limited time!  So for the first two weeks of 2017 I gorged myself on a couple of boxes, also including nectarines and apricots, yummo!  Arriving back in Victoria after a Sydney Christmas was so hot, we had to freeze wet towels and place them over the cat to keep her cool.  We have now succumbed to the air conditioning unit in small bursts.


The first week’s kombucha was made with raw pu-erh and green tea, which has yielded a light coloured, sweet, honey flavoured batch.  So good!  Thought that as they are in season I’d try a peach version, and I found some ripe biodynamic white peaches going for a steal.  Sliced them up and threw in some cardamom pods because, why not.


Raw pu-erh is simply unfermented pu-erh tea, as opposed to the usual variety which is fermented, dark reddish brown with an earthy, smokey flavour.  It tastes a bit like a forest floor, or the smell of Autumn leaves, and is one of my favourite teas.  Raw pu-erh is completely different, and is more like a light and sweet green tea.  Hard to find but worth it if you can get your hands on it.


Definately one of the most delicious kombuchas I’ve ever made.  The peaches turned the liquid a pinky peachy colour and the cardamom matches perfectly.


Just when I thought that was the best kombucha I’d ever tasted, I outdid myself twice.  Firstly with a pineapple kombucha and then with biodynamic black plums and fennel.


I used the same raw pu-erh and green tea base and added a few slices of pineapple.



This was me eating the rest of the pineapple which was the sweetest most pineappley tasting pineapple I’ve ever had – benefits of living in Australia.


Leave to ferment for several days, or even a week like I did.


This was indeed a heavenly beverage!  It was soon to be surpassed however by the plum and fennel seed.


I left this for over a week for it’s second ferment.  The pigmentation from the plums has crept slowly up from the bottom and coloured the whole of the liquid.


Black plum and fennel seed is now officially the best kombucha I have ever had.  Can’t wait to make it next year.





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